spreading the word about holistic medicine for animals 

A positive attitude, a good diet and an open mind have been known to benefit our overall health. Those same attributes will benefit your pet's health as well.

Remember going to physical therapy after surgery to gain back range of motion? Remember going for acupuncture for chronic headaches or seeing your chiropractor for an adjustment to ease back pain? Remember how good you felt when you finished your therapy?

Animals suffer from the same ailments we do and they undergo the same surgeries as well. Holistic therapies help increase the quality of life for us all, including our pets. 

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Gracie's Mission seeks to educate pet owners about holistic medical treatments for animals and to provide financial assistance to individuals that meet the guidelines set forth by the "Mission."

Did you know that animals suffer from the same diseases and ailments that people do?

It's True!

Allergies, digestive problems, Arthritis, Cancer and Diabetes are just a few of the all too common ailments we share with our furry and/or feathered friends.

And just like us, they can benefit from the same holistic treatments, such as reiki, acupuncture, chiropractic care, physical therapy, aqua therapy, deep tissue massage and nutritional counseling.

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